Collage Art Therapy Bot

Crafting wellness: Where art meets heart in digital therapy

About The Project

Our Collage Art Therapy Bot leverages collage therapy as a user-friendly entry point into artistic expression, particularly benefiting individuals who may feel self-conscious about their artistic skills. By providing pre-made images for collage-making, users can freely express themselves without the need for traditional artistic supplies. Digitalizing the process eliminates the logistical challenges associated with physical collages, while offering a gallery of images for selection mirrors the experience of choosing from various mediums in real life. This low-maintenance approach makes collage therapy accessible to a wider audience, especially those unfamiliar with traditional art forms like drawing or painting. Collage therapy offers a non-verbal means of expressing emotions, making it particularly helpful for individuals who struggle to articulate their feelings verbally or in writing. By engaging in collage art therapy, users can tap into their creativity and explore their emotions, potentially serving as a stepping stone towards verbalizing and understanding their feelings in more traditional therapy settings.

My Role

Working with three other senior students for this project, I took on the role of developing the user interface which included both the collage builder and chatbot.

Computer Science and Engineering Senior Theses

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